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About Us

The Fashion Shack opened in downtown Anderson, SC, in 1992. It began as a husband and wife team with a small store front. The first 16 or 17 years were spent selling customer returns and store damages purchased from catalog companies, department stores, and other small stores. In 2009, we had a new thought. Why not also buy from our wonderful and fashionable locals? We have operated now for 25 years with the goal of providing the best name brand merchandise at discount prices, offering a selection of hand picked gently worn items as well as continuing to search for special purchases from other sources. Our business has steadily taken on a new life as many people discover the thrill of finding that designer item at a discount price, or the excitement of finding that one thing that no one else can find again! We are thrilled every day with the items that make their way through our doors.

The Fashion Shack locations are now in Anderson & Easley. We are working continually to make shopping with us a better, more exciting, and uplifting experience.

In addition to our three Fashion Shack locations there is also our Education Shack located beside the Easley Fashion Shack.

We hope you can drop by one of our locations sometime and say "Hey!" We'd love to see you!

The Fashion Shack Team